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#amillionhands Jumpathon

The 82nd leadership team are astonished by everyone that took part in our skipathon on Thursday 21st July and surpassed our groups target of 6,000 jumps by 7,887 extra jumps. With everyones donation of a £1 to participate and those children that went the extra mile to be sposored for the event; we raised £200 for the British Heart Foundation which is a charity close to the Scout Groups heart.

All of this is part of a project all 3 sections have participated in called #amillionhands over the last academic year which is ran by the Scout Association. #amillionhands is a Community Impact campaign which reflects our ambition by 2018 to mobilise half a million people in support of four social issues chosen by young people.

Find out more about #amillionhands today !

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